The State of Productivity

How does your org measure up?

Take the guesswork out of productivity with this 5-min quiz. These simple 15-questions will reveal just how productive your organization is based on a maturity model built in partnership with research firm IDC.

What you get:

  • Your current productivity stage ranging from Beginner to Expert
  • Precise priorities to focus on across five dimensions of productivity
  • Tailored action plans to improve efficiency by at least 66%
  • A comparison to see how you stack up against other companies in the same stage

What is the State of Productivity?

In partnership with leading research firm IDC, we analyzed hundreds of successful organizations across five different dimensions – Visibility, Efficiency, Collaboration, Workflows and Knowledge Sharing.

This is what we found:

Organizations move through four stages of productivity maturity
Each stage comes with its own priorities, challenges, and benefits— Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, and Expert. Organizations need to stay nimble and plan for change as they transition to higher levels of efficiency.

Higher levels of productivity come with greater risks and rewards.
In the early stages, the benefits of collaborative work management (CWM) are easier to realize. As companies progress along their journey, they unlock greater results but may also encounter bigger challenges.

Today's uncertain climate requires new critical competencies.
Doing more with less is essential in an unpredictable business environment, and organizations with effective collaborative work management are better suited to withstand unknowns.

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