Jira vs. ClickUp

Issue tracking shouldn't be an issue itself. ClickUp gives your agile teams the visibility and tools they need to ship better products faster—all in one place.

  • Resource management

  • Scalable Workspaces

  • User-friendly interface

  • Affordable pricing


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The tools your teams need—all in one place.

Jira helps Engineering teams with bug tracking, but what about features for Product Management and Design teams? ClickUp gives agile teams flexible tools to collaborate on their terms, manage all their work, and deliver with speed.

Lulu Press switched from Jira to ClickUpto consolidate its tools, increase collaboration, and reclaim one hour a day.

Cross-team roadmaps & Gantt charts.
Partially included.
Collaborative Docs, Whiteboards, and tasks.
Partially included.
Tasks & subtasks in multiple Lists.
Partially included.
Capacity and workload management.
Partially included.
Whiteboards (Agile Teams)


Flexible self-serve workflows.

ClickUp's intuitive and flexible UI allows teams to get work done without admin support. Scalable architecture empowers teams to build customized processes, allowing admins to focus on more strategic cross-team work.

Gatekeeper switched from Jira to ClickUpto empower product owners to create their own views, reports, lists, and roadmaps.

Flexible workflow, status, and transition structures.
Partially included.
Custom tags and fields to organize sprint and backlog views.
Partially included.
Ability to switch and customize views at any time.
Partially included.
Native apps that replace costly plugins.
Partially included.
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A work hub that works for everyone.

It shouldn't take years to master something you work with every day. Whether you're a leader needing quick status updates or a developer diving into granular task details—ClickUp has you covered with a user-friendly interface that lets you pivot whenever you like.

ICM.S (now part of Accenture) switched from Jira to ClickUp and increased team satisfaction by over 90%.

Real-time visibility.
Partially included.
Goals & OKRs.
Partially included.
Delightful UX.
Partially included.
Agile Dashboard


Migrate from Jira Server and Cloud in a click.

Take work management from complex, inflexible, and expensive to user-friendly, agile, and totally free in just one click.

  • One-click import

  • Less than 60 seconds

  • 100% free

Migrate from Jira


Agile teams love ClickUp.

Top 100 Fastest Growing Products Best Software Awards 2021
Avatar_Ashley Pavlik, Talent+.png

Ashley PavlikDirector of Product, Talent+

"We've integrated ClickUp's whole suite of products, from Docs to Whiteboards, into how our team works, saving us time moving between yet another tool and more importantly, has aligned our teams on work handoffs."

Page Olver, Agile Release Train Engineer, Yoga International Headshot

Page OlverAgile Release Train Engineer, Yoga International

"ClickUp made our transition into Agile a success and supported us in learning a whole new way of working without having to make any major changes to our software system!"

Yoga International
Avatar_Kellock Irvin, EDF Renewables.png

Kellock IrvinProduct at EDF Renewables North America

"As someone leading product, it’s my job to protect our engineers’ time and ensure they know not just about what we’re working on now, but also our future obligations—ClickUp helps me do that."

Logo_EDF Renewables.png