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How ClickUp’s New Inbox Feature Makes You More Productive Than Ever

How ClickUp’s New Inbox Feature Makes You More Productive Than Ever

Trying to remember everything is impossible. 

Research shows that we forget over 50% of all new information received within an hour!

Luckily, ClickUp’s new feature – Inbox will ensure that you never forget anything ever again. As all your information is neatly stored in your Inbox, you’ll have no difficulty keeping up with what you have to do!


What Is ClickUp’s Inbox?

The ClickUp inbox is your centralized dashboard to handle all tasks and reminders that you:

  • Currently have.
  • Had in the past.
  • Have coming up.

It’s your mission control center to take stock of everything on your plate in just a few seconds. You can view all your past, present and future reminders and tasks in the Inbox to get an overview of your workload. 

You’ll even be able to assign tasks and delegate reminders to team members from your own Inbox.

It’s the perfect mix of task management and reminders to always keep you and your team productive.

Here are the different elements you have access to in the Inbox:

  • Next: Tasks and reminders that start or are due to start in the future.
  • Done: Tasks and reminders that have been completed.
  • Delegated: Tasks and reminders that you’ve assigned to team members.
  • Unscheduled: Tasks that haven’t been assigned due dates yet.


Understanding ClickUp’s Inbox

How To Access It

Your task and reminder hub would be useless if it was hard to access, right?

That’s why ClickUp’s inbox is always just a click away. 

Just click on the button titled “Inbox” at the top left of your screen and you can access the Inbox in seconds.

Understanding The Inbox Tabs

When you open your Inbox, you’ll see these four tabs:

Here’s a closer look at each tab:

1. Next Tab

The next tab helps you plan ahead. It contains all the tasks and reminders you currently have planned for the future. It’ll show you each of these tasks/reminders along with their due dates to help you prepare for what’s to come.

You can easily take stock of the coming week’s activities to plan your schedule and tackle each task effectively. This tab also guards against any tasks sneaking up on you. As you can easily note down what’s to come, no task or reminder will ever surprise you again.

2. Done Tab

The done tab catalogs all the tasks and reminders that you’ve marked as finished

You may be thinking – 

“Why would I need a tab showing me tasks and reminders that are closed? They’re closed for a reason, right?”

The Done tab can actually be very handy. 

Here’s how it helps:

A) Verifying If A Task Was Done

Whenever you’re confused about whether or not a task was finished, open the Done tab. If you see the task there, then it’s been addressed. However, if it’s missing – you still haven’t closed it.

B) Motivating You To Push Harder

As the Done tab stores all your completed tasks and reminders, you can use it as an achievement record of sorts. You can open it from time to time to view all the activities you’ve attempted and closed – which will motivate you to work harder and get more stuff done!

3. Delegated Tab

Remember when we said that you could manage the reminders of other team members from your own inbox?

This tab is where you get to handle that.

The delegated tab stores the reminders and tasks that you’ve assigned to other team members. It’s a useful tab for project managers to keep a check on how their team is doing. They can easily take stock of what each team member has on their plate and verify if they’ve completed their assigned tasks or not. 

4. Unscheduled Tab

Assigning tasks and reminders is great… but it’s pointless if you don’t assign a due date to them too. 

Unfortunately, this is what happens with most companies. They have tons of reminders and tasks in their backlog that haven’t been assigned due dates yet. As a result, nobody can start work on them and they lie aimlessly – clogging up the company’s project management tool. 

ClickUp’s unscheduled tab tries to address this issue. It’s a handy way of keeping track of all the tasks in your backlog. This tab stores tasks and reminders that don’t currently have any due dates or haven’t been assigned to anyone.

Here’s how easy it is to use the unscheduled tab to keep track of your unassigned tasks and reminders:

  1. Open the unscheduled tab. 
  2. Click on a reminder that’s currently unscheduled.
  3. Add due dates and/or reassign it to a different team member.
  4. This automatically triggers a notification in the team member’s inbox where they can start working on the task.


How ClickUp’s Inbox Skyrockets Your Productivity

1. Track Your Pending Tasks and Reminders

The most obvious benefit of ClickUp’s inbox is that it allows you to easily keep track of your pending tasks and reminders. 

All it takes is one look at your Inbox to plan your schedule and work on the tasks and reminders coming your way. Your inbox is a powerful reminders app and calendar merged into one – dedicated to keeping you productive. 

A Note On ClickUp’s Reminders

ClickUp’s reminders aren’t your usual run-of-the-mill notifications. They’re easily the most powerful reminders available on the market today. Here’s why:


ClickUp lets you sort your reminders out into three tabs for easy access-

  • Pending – reminders that need to be addressed.
  • Completed – reminders that have been addressed.
  • Unscheduled –  reminders that haven’t been scheduled yet.

This lets you neatly arrange and sort your reminders in seconds!

Attachments As Reminders

Instead of reminding yourself about a file, why not just add the file to your reminder itself?

With ClickUp, you can add attachments as reminders to make your reminders much more efficient. Say goodbye to hours searching for the right files after being reminded of it – ClickUp will bring it up alongside your reminder notification.

Additionally, this attachment could be anything – a location, a document, a voice memo – it’s up to you!

Common Across All Workplaces

All your inbox reminders are common across workplaces. As they’re always synced across teams, you can always access them – irrespective of the project space you’re in. Therefore, switching workspaces won’t make you lose your carefully thought-out reminders!

2. Log Completed Tasks and Reminders

ClickUp’s inbox also neatly logs all your completed tasks and reminders for easy reference in the future.

Need confirmation of a task or reminder being closed?

Open the “Done” tab and you’ll have all the information you need!

You can also reference this tab for motivation to push harder and get things done. 

You’ve already completed all these tasks, why not power through a few more?

3. Track Your Delegated Tasks

ClickUp’s Inbox allows you to keep a tab on all your delegated tasks and reminders and keep your team functioning at their productive best. 

Not only can you easily assign a reminder or task to a team member from your own inbox, but you can also easily keep track of what they have on their plate with the Profile feature. 

Here’s a closer look at this feature:


Need an easy way to keep track of your team and their activities?

Don’t worry, ClickUp’s Profiles can help you.

Profiles are an easy way to view another team member’s inbox to view the tasks and reminders that you’ve assigned them. Through a person’s Profile, you’ll have access to:

  • What they’re working on.
  • What they’ll be working on next.
  • What they did recently.
  • What tasks are in their backlog.

Accessing a person’s Profile is super easy too – just click on their name in your ClickUp dashboard and their profile will pop up on the right of your screen. You can now add reminders/tasks and view their schedule for the day!

It’s an easy way to keep stock of what everyone has on their plate to ensure that your team remains productive. 

For example, you can quickly take a look at a person’s profile to see their workload. If you see that they have nothing at the moment, you can easily assign one of your unscheduled tasks to them to get things up and running!

Note – For privacy reasons, you can only see tasks and reminders that you’ve assigned to a team member on their profile. You won’t be able to see any task/reminders they’ve created for themselves or tasks/reminders assigned to them by someone else.


Forget Nothing! Get Everything Done!

ClickUp’s Inbox will help you and your team stay on top of all your tasks and reminders. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to do something ever again! Just open your Inbox and you’ll have everything you need to get started on your work right away! 

Why not sign up for ClickUp for free today and experience the power of the Inbox yourself?

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